About Refuge Ministries

Refuge Ministries began in 2013 when Pastor Shane Waldron realized that common approaches to marriage conflict were ineffective in cases of domestic abuse. It all started with a support group for survivors of domestic abuse called The Refuge with four women in attendance. Within a year, it expanded into a thriving ministry that now offers a batterer’s intervention program called Turning Point, and a structured program for children called Refuge Kids. Refuge Ministries is one of the only comprehensive programs in the nation that offers ministry to abusers, survivors and their children.

Mission Statement: Helping survivors of domestic abuse find redemption from oppression. Click here to see our entire Mission Statement of Faith. Refuge Ministries Core Values.

Refuge Statement of Faith on Marriage Roles
We believe that God created human beings, male and female, after His own image. Therefore, men and women have equal value, and both should be treated with the same respect and dignity. Within this framework of equality, God gave men and women different roles in the family. He created men to be servant-leaders, and he created women to be their helpers – an essential role involving partnership and support. Male leadership should be exercised in a context of mutuality, and characterized by love, care, and self-sacrifice. While no man fully lives up to this ideal, some men twist Scripture and use their leadership to abuse and oppress their families. In such situations, God does not call women to submit to abuse.