Mission and Core Values

Helping survivors of domestic abuse find redemption from oppression.

Mission Statement:

Helping survivors of domestic abuse find redemption from oppression.

Core Values:

1. Christ-Centered: We believe that the Bible provides reliable guidance and instruction for faith and life. Furthermore, we believe that Scripture speaks deeply and profoundly to the problem of domestic abuse. Therefore, our ministry is based on biblical principles. We utilize insights from psychology when there are helpful, particularly in understanding the problems associated with domestic abuse. But we are committed to providing Christ-centered solutions. The deepest healing comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Incarnational Ministry: The incarnation and sacrifice of Christ provide the pattern for how we minister to survivors of abuse. We enter their world, identify with their suffering, and walk beside them on their journey of redemption. We seek to embody the love of God in a flesh and blood person. Our hope is that survivors will see God’s face and experience His love through their relationships with us.

3. The Local Church: The Refuge is a ministry that is based in the local church. Jesus came to redeem the oppressed, and he calls His people to participate in that mission with Him. When properly trained and mobilized, we have found the local church to be one of the best organizations for responding to domestic abuse.

4. Survivor Freedom: By definition, perpetrators of domestic abuse are incredibly controlling. Therefore, it is important that survivors have the freedom to think for themselves and make their own decisions. We present survivors with options and help them think through their situation. But they make all the decisions, free from pressure and coercion. To do otherwise would be counterproductive to their recovery.

5. A Holistic Approach: Redemption from domestic abuse involves ministry to the whole person. We utilize a number of resources to help survivors find physical safety, emotional support, and spiritual guidance and healing.

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