March 3, 2024

Abuse Awareness Training Seminars

God calls his people to protect the oppressed. The Refuge combines mentoring and group support to help women understand abuse biblically, achieve safety, find healing in Christ, and learn how to establish new patterns. The Refuge meets weekly for as long as a survivor wants to attend. We work through The Refuge Workbook, written by Pastor Shane Waldron, in such a way that a woman can join at any time. Refuge Kids provides childcare for women attending The Refuge by caregivers using trauma-informed activities. Turning Point is a weekly group to bring accountability and transformation to perpetrators of domestic abuse. There are no fees to be a chapter of Refuge Ministries other than workbook purchases for Mentors and Clients.

Refuge Ministries NA offers comprehensive 2-3 hour seminars tailored for churches and organizations seeking to deepen their understanding and effectively identify instances of abuse, particularly domestic abuse. These seminars serve as vital introductory sessions to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to extend compassionate support to survivors. Rooted in a biblical framework, the seminars not only shed light on the complexities of abuse but also emphasize the significance of providing holistic care to those affected. Through insightful discussions, practical examples, and pertinent resources, attendees are empowered to recognize signs of abuse, navigate sensitive situations with empathy, and offer meaningful assistance to survivors on their journey toward healing and restoration.

Cost: $500 plus printing of handouts, travel, lodging, and meals.

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