November 26, 2019

Teachings on Domestic Abuse

One comment on “Teachings on Domestic Abuse”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this teaching. I printed the handouts and spent hours going through these teachings. I really enjoyed the messages. Going forward for me, it would be so helpful if the teacher would have re-said what the students stated, for it was really hard to hear them.
    I am in hiding, (never thought I could get away) separated from a 33 year domestic violence relationship. In my case I believe my relationship would compare well to a frog in a pot of water, with the heat being turned up slowly, and no way to jump out of the water. It feels like everything was used against me, especially scripture and my belief in God. I am in North Idaho. Do you know of any churches closer to me that also believe similar to this teaching? Any other resources you might share? I have read many books, am working with Called to Peace to become an advocate.

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