Teachings on Domestic Abuse

All the audio, handouts, and powerpoints from the seminar sessions.

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Additional Topic Materials:

Understanding Abuse Biblically

Understanding Abuse Biblically Handout.docx
Understanding Abuse Biblically Slides.pdf

Heart of an Abuser

Heart of an Abuser Handout.docx
Heart of an Abuser Slides.pdf

Patterns of Abuse

Patterns of Abuse Handout.docx
Patterns of Abuse Slides.pdf

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Avoiding Common Mistakes Handout.docx
Avoiding Common Mistakes Slides.pdf

Incarnational Ministry

Incarnational Ministry Handout.docx
Incarnational Ministry Slides.pdf

Divorce and Domestic Abuse

Divorce and Domestic Abuse Handout.docx
Divorce and Domestic Abuse Slides.pdf

Shame & Honor

Shame & Honor Handout.docx
Shame & Honor Slides.pdf

Fear & Love

L11 Fear & Love Handout.docx
Fear & Love.pdf


Equality Handout.docx